7 Fashion Trends That Will Be The Complete Rage In 2017

By: Goodluckwears
With a new year, a lot of new trends come in. Be it fashion, beauty, technology or anything else for that matter, a new year brings with it a wave of freshness for every aspect of our daily lives. So just like every other year, 2017 has also come with a new set of fashion trends that will set your wardrobe ablaze. Last year is passé, and so are it’s fashion trends. Let us now take you through some latest things that will be in vogue in 2017.
#1. Velvet Gone is the time of denim shirts and jackets. This is the year of velvet. From jackets to dresses, sarees to lehengas, velvet will sell like hot cakes in every possible attire this year. And, trust us! Nothing makes a person look more royal than a velvety outfit. So, grab some already. #2. Choker necklaces
While chunky, antique looking jewellery was in vogue last year, this will be the season of sophisticated yet supremely hot-looking choker neckpieces. Although, these uber looking trinkets did create quite a stir last …

10 Style Tip On How To Dress Boho Chic This Summer

by: Goodluckwears

With the blast of the suns rays doing its thing, and PYTs running for cover, how does one look cool and sexy whilst rummaging the wardrobe for something to wear? Ditch those skinnies for they make the calves and thighs sweat, and think bohemian for a while. Loose flowing garments, harem pants, mojris and jhuttis to keep the feet cool, quirky headbands to keep your hair in place and more; says who one cannot be chic and haute while summers are on! Street Style Boho Girl Hit the streets and beat the heat this summer, wearing hot pants and a striped crop top. Alternatively for cover, you could wear a thin summer coat for cover. Carry a jhola or a chic fiber sling bag for that desi touch!
Is It A Blouse, Is It A Scarf? Keep them guessing girls! Do your thing and in style while you head out for a fun day with the gal-pals. A backless choli with extra trails to wrap a little more of the skin, protecting it from the sunburn, paired with denims and heels would be hot and ra…

Home Away From Home: How to Sew a Folding Sun Hat

By: Goodluckwears When you take a vacation in the sun, one item you must remember to pack is a hat to protect yourself from the sun's harsh rays. But have you ever tried to take a woven hat with you on vacation? It's basically impossible to pack without crushing, so you end up wearing it en route on the plane, or carrying it along with your luggage. But a fabric sun hat is the best of both worlds: You can fold and pack it along with your clothes, but when unfolded, it will provide shade and keep you from getting burnt. The steps below look long and complicated, but trust me, this couldn't be easier! Just follow along with each step of this sewing tutorial, and you'll have your own version in no time. HOW TO MAKE AN FABULOUS & FOLDABLE FABRIC SUN HAT STEP 1: GATHER YOUR TOOLS.The Rain and Sun Hat Pattern by Lorenna Buck DesignsMedium to heavy weight fabric for the top of the hat and both rimsMedium to light weight fabric for the cap liningLightweight woven fusible …