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Yes, You Can Wear Leggings as Pants—Here’s How

By: Goodluckwears

Leggings have long been designated for running on treadmills or lounging around. In fact, the stretchy bottom is considered so off-duty that it has frequently landed people in hot water when spotted outside a relaxed setting—particularly when worn as pants. Leggings have been controversially banned from some schools, and just last month, two young women were denied entry on a United Airlines flight because their spandex didn’t fit the carrier’s dress code for “buddy passes” awarded to family and friends of employees. But compared to those less-than-favorable cameos in the news, leggings are having a rather chic moment on the runway. For Spring 2017, Max Mara went with all-over botanical print athleisure, pairing a track jacket with some eye-catching leaf leggings, while Stella McCartney showed a more out-on-the-town look with a red lace dress. For a cool compromise between gym and cocktail hour, look no further than Giambattista Valli’s Fall 2017 collection, which c…